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Hi my name is Sparky and this is Smokey, I hope you don't find it too very rude of us to talk to you while hanging upside down.

Megabat/Flying Fox.Black Flying FoxThis is our favorite position, we find it to be very comfortable. I am a megachiroptera or megabat. Many people know me as a flying fox because my face resembles a fox or a dog. Just because we look like a fox or a dog does not mean we eat meat. We are fruit eating bats mostly, but we do like nectar and pollen from flowers. Because the pollen sometimes sticks to us, when we visit other flowers, we pollenate them just like the bumblebee's do. There are some flowers that rely only on us for pollenation because their flowers only open at night. These flowers are white and have a nice strong smell making it easy for us to find them.

Flying Foxes hanging in a treeWe megabats like to hang out in groups. These groups are called colonies or camps. We usually like to hang out in trees, but occasionally we will find caves we like. We are known to hang out in large groups that can get up into the thousands. When we have a get together it can get a little noisy with all the chattering we do so don't be surprised if our party disturbs the neighborhood a mile away. Sometimes we get so many in a tree that the branches droop all the way to the ground. We aren't too concerned though, we are pretty large and in groups there are not too many animals that will mess with us.

Hammer-Head BatThe wing construction of the megabats is different than the other bats. Our wings are a little more simply constructed. We tend to not be as acrobatic as other bats, but we are just as good at flying. We have been known to fly as far as 20 miles for some yummy ripe fruit. We also have larger eyes than other bats, and a better sense of smell. The largest flying foxes weigh up to 3 pounds and with their wings fully spread measure more than five feet! There are other kinds of megabats and the largest one lives in Southeast Asia, Java, and the Philippines. These megabats have a 6 foot wingspan and look more like a dog than I do, can you believe it? Another one of my relatives lives in Africa. This guy only has a 3 foot wingspan. They call him a "hammer-head" or "horse-faced" bat. I guess this is because he has a wide snout and bumpy lips. These bats are really noisy in the jungle at night; I guess it is good you don't have to sneak up on fruit. There are some megebats that are not very mega. These bats can actually fit into a human's hand. They are more interested in pollen and nectar. Some of these bats have cool little tongues that have a little bristley effect going on. This helps them pull the nectar out of the flowers, cool huh?

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